Local Information

The Pool
The pool at Beau Jardin is for the enjoyment of our guests but please be aware that the pool has a deep end of 6ft and there is no life guard!  You are responsible for yourselves and your children who you must supervise at all times.

An insect repellent is recommended for the evenings.  As the evening draws in, the mosquitoes come into the house, so it is advisable to close doors and open windows which are screened so you can enjoy the evening’s cool air without being bitten.

Keep Safe
Please lock doors at night, leaving keys in their locks in case of fire or other hazard.

Although an island paradise, Jamaica also has its fair share of crime and other dangers, like many other countries around the world. With a little precaution, you can have a wonderful… and relaxing holiday.

Most crimes against tourists (and these are very rare) are petty and usually carried out if the opportunity seems just too good to resist. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure that you have a pleasant, crime free stay.

Drinking Water
All drinking water in Jamaica is purified and filtered by modern methods. You can safely drink, clean your teeth, bathe and wash your clothing in our water.

However, you have a choice if you don’t want to drink the tap water available here. We have many brands of Jamaican spring water for you to choose from. These all meet or exceed the highest international standards… and are available islandwide. You’ll also be able to obtain international brands of spring water at select stores and supermarkets.

Beau Jardin
Beau Jardin is well equipped for your use and comfort.

Bath towels are for use in the villa and there are towels specifically for use by the pool.  Please do not take any of Beau Jardin’s towels to the beach.

There is a private beach available for residents and guests staying in  the Bengal area please ask the housekeeper for the beach pass and details of how to get to the beach. Please return the pass after use.

There is a washing machine on the premises, please speak to the housekeeper for assistance.  Please note that any towels or clothing should be free of sand before using the machine.

Grocery shopping is available at Discovery Bay by the Gas (Petrol) station.  There is also a 24hr NCB cash machine available at the gas station. For more serious shopping, Browns Town or St Ann’s Bay are both about 20 minutes drive away.

There is a small pharmacy (chemist) at the supermarket

Major banks can be found at St Anne’s Bay, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

Craft Markets
Will be found at Montego Bay and Ocho Rios

Bus Service
If you do not have a car, local transportation runs close to the villa.  Speak to the housekeeper who will assist you with where you want to go.


St Ann Bay, Main Street
St Ann Bay, St Ann
Tel: 972 2209

Browns Town
Tel: 975 2233

St Ann’s Bay Hospital
Seville Road, St Ann Bay, St Ann
Tel: 972 2227/3 or 794 9640/1

Local Health Centre:
Browns Town
Tel: 975 2338